Matters of Care: #kinship #fiction #bestiaries #atlas  
25.11.21, 6 PM
@ LE 18
Reading circle

During this reading group we will explore forms of watery and multispecies kinship, while speculating on the role and place of fiction as a way to narrate and rethink our world.

We will read excerpts from:
. Undrowned, Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals (Alexix Pauline Gumbs, Emergent Strategy Series, AK Press, 2020)
. A Bestiary of the Anthropocene: Hybrid Plants, Animals, Minerals (Ed. Nicolas Nova &, Onomatopee, 2021)
. The New Atlantis (Ursula Leguin, 1975)

A continuation of QANAT’s interrogations, this circle and the ones coming up in the next two months take water, its marine spaces and terrestrial infrastructures, as a starting point to explore different forms of resistance to dominant narratives and manifestations of power.

How can we sketch new possibilities for living together otherwise grounding on what water and its cultures carry and keep murmuring to us?

Underwater mythologies, aquatic cosmologies, popular narrations, and stories, but also current and past struggles, human and non-human across different territories will be the starting point of our conversations.

Reading references available here [link]