Matters to read
Kindred, Octavia Butler, 1979 ︎︎︎

Earthseed, Octavia Butler, 2017 ︎︎︎
Wild seed, Octavia Butler, 1980

Women, Race and Class, Angela Davis, 1981  ︎︎︎
Honesty with the real, Marina Garces, 2012
Crisis of Imagination, Crisis of Power, Max Haiven, 2014 ︎︎︎
Preparing for the Not Yet, Jeanne van Heeswijk ︎︎︎ Emergent strategies: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, Adrien Maree Brown, 2017 ︎︎︎The mushroom at the end of the world, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, 2015 ︎︎︎ Beloved, Toni Morrison, 1987 ︎︎︎
Hydrofeminism: Or, on becoming a body of water, Astrida Neinamis, 2017 ︎︎︎
Bodies of Water, Astrida Neinamis, 2017 ︎︎︎
Placing time, timing place: dismantling the master’s map and clock, Rasheedah Phillips
Black Quantum Futurism ︎︎︎
In the Wake, Christina Sharpe ︎︎︎
The invisibility of black Moroccans, a conversation with M’barek Bouhchichi, Amina Alaoui Soulimani ︎︎︎
Physics of Blackness: Beyond the Middle Passage Epistemology, Michelle M. Wright︎︎︎
Metropolarity - open archive ︎︎︎
Critical readings open archive ︎︎︎

Matters to watch
The last observer, Lina Laraki, 2019 ︎
What is Deep Sea Mining?,
Margarida Mendes ︎
Serpent Rains, Arjuna Neuman & Denise Ferreira da Silva ︎
4 Waters - Deep Implicacy, Arjuna Neuman & Denise Ferreira da Silva ︎
Wutharr: Saltwater dreams, Karrabing Collective ︎
The inhabitants ︎
Amussu, Nadir Bouhmouch / Movement on the Road 96, 2019  ︎
We are all at Sea, Astrida Neinamis, 2020 ︎

Matters to listen to
A mermaid is on air, Anna Raimondo, 2016 ︎
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I, Drexciya  ︎
The funambulist podcasts ︎

Ritual for Retrocurrences
Memory, prehistoric memory, has no time.
Toni Morrison (1987)

Outside of time, the journey has already happened and hasn’t happened yet.
Within that liminality lies all of the space-time needed to create an experience or an event.
You must traverse the terrain to know it - you create time by your own pacing and rhythms, that become entangled with others.
Let your imagination lead you, it knows everything you don’t know yet and can’t be aware of as our common reality unfolds linearly.
Listen to your body deeply - it holds the time and memory of all your mothers and grandmothers before and they have been everywhere you will be and have been and so there is never a wrong place or time for you.
Allow time to emerge from its timeless degrees of freedom, and take up as much space within the moment as desired and needed, stretching it out and filling it up to accommodate you. 

Rasheedah Phillips [Black Quantum Futurism] in


Blood, bile, intracellular fluid; a small ocean swallowed, a wild wetland in our gut; rivulets forsaken making their way from our insides to out, from watery womb to watery world: we are bodies of water. 

Astrida Neinamis. Bodies of Wat