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lat. it. _ Sources Linguee, Dictionary, Wiktionary
1. lat. Noun / arch. Post, beam, leg,
2.  it. Noun / arch. Opening, door, window, shutter, leaf, flap
3. eng. Noun / arch. A rectangular pier or pilaster formed by thickening the end of a masonry wall, of a portico.
4. gal. Noun / arch.  Dolmen, menhir, megalith; landmark
5. com. Brand / Trainer shoes brand in Hong Kong

grk. _ Sources Cambridge, Larousse
1. lat. Prefix / Before, prior to, in front of, preceding
2. fr. Noun / arch. An engaged pillar or pilaster with one, two or three faces, forming a bay window, the meeting of two walls or the head of a wall (in the case, in particular, of temples in antis).
3  eng. Noun / An amount of money that each person must risk in order to be part of a game that involves gambling

grk. lat. _ Sources Larousse, Cambridge, Treccani

1.  fr. Prefix / From the Greek anti, in front of, against, serving the composition of many words to express the idea of opposition, hostility, defence against.
2. eng. Prefix / Opposed to or against a particular thing or person
3. it. Prefix / Either from the Latin ante, meaning before, first or in front of, or from the Greek anti

grk. _ Sources wiktionary.org

1 : grk. Suffix / From ancient Greek pous for “foot”, and genitive podos meaning “related to the feet” (pedestrian, artropode, tripode...)


fr. eng. it. _ Sources Merriam Webster, Le Trésor de la Langue, Encyclopedia
1. Noun / The parts of the earth diametrically opposite — usually used in plural
2. Noun / The exact opposite or contrary in a figurative sense

The word is formed by a classical Greek prefix anti-, meaning "opposite," with the root pod-, meaning "foot." It first appeared in Nicole Oresme’s 1377 Traité du Ciel et du Monde, a translation of Aristotle’s De Caelo as a word designating "men that have their feet against our feet," that is, inhabitants of the opposite side of the globe.
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1. Noun / The place or the time preceding that where or when a foot will next touch the ground
2. Noun / Object situated in front of a foot, as in a door that you push with the foot because of COVID restriction gestures... or a football
3.. Noun / Part of the anatomy that touches the ground before the foot itself, can either be the tip of the sole, a toe, a heal, a hand, a knee, an elbow, a shoulder, the head or the buttocks depending on whether you walk, run, climb, crawl or tumble.


1. Noun / The place or the time where a foot first touched the ground
2. Noun / The place or the time ahead of the present, in the sense of in advance


1 : IN eng. a very small insect that dwells under the ground in large and well-organized social groups

quotes – ENG _ Source Goodreads
The ant… The foolish ant, sitting on the edge of an enormous disc spinning about its axis, reckons at every instant of time, that it’s progressing forward. Who would hold a mirror up to it?
And convey it the truth, clearing out its fallacy, clean as a hound’s tooth.
The fallacy that it can see the whole dimension in entirety. shall it ever concede, if one tries to enlighten?
Or, inured by canard shall it fight to win against what is right?

Anurag Shrivastava, The Web of Karma
God cuts out our path, makes a groove in the clay with His finger, and we poor blind ants slide down into it.
Maria McCann, As Meat Loves Salt

A single black ant sped across the floor beyond our naked toes, and I wondered why I felt so oppositional. His expression of unflappable faith had touched a profound place, the deep wellspring of my purpose — my future dream I cradled like a soft and formative pearl.
Aspen Matis, Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

1 : ar. The ‘you’ pronoun designating a second person singular, with variations in pronunciation according genders and numbers.


Preposition used as a function word to indicate:
1. the presence or occurrence on a location or in its vicinity
2. the aim, destination or goal of an action, motion or intention
3. the nature of an occupation, task, activity
4. the situation relative to a state or condition
5. the means, manner or causes behind an action
6. the degree, rate, age or scale
7. the full text version of @


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